Sport for Development Approximately 1 in every 500 children around the world take part in S4D initiatives. These children face risks that include poverty, violence, poor health, learning disabilities and ethnic discrimination. It is universally known that sport is a fun and engaging way for children to be active and develop skills, so it is no surprise that they are drawn to S4D by the appeal of sport activities. However, once they are hooked, children are involved in programming that develops soft skills, promotes social inclusion, empowers young people and aims to reduce negative behaviour.  In other words, these children come for the sport and stay for the support.

Barça Foundation & Unicef

In 2019, Barça Foundation and UNICEF released first-of-its-kind global study on Sport for Development. The Getting into the Game:  Understanding the Evidence for Child-Focused Development report gathers evidence from 77 studies and more than 300 Sport for Development (S4D) programmes in 100 countries, analysed to provide recommendations and guidance for global S4D practitioners.
Through an integrative literature review, systematic mapping of available evidence, and global surveys of S4D programmes, the report analysed programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems to understand what works in S4D.