Getting into the game

The UNICEF Office of Research, Innocenti, started in 2018 a 2 year -and 2 stages- research to analyse the evidence which allows to assert that sport is a powerful mean to engage all children and youth in activities for personal development to help them to achieve their full potential.

The first stage of the research, that identifies which S4D initiatives are most effective and why, was presented in public in March 2019 in Barcelona. Barça Foundation and UNICEF wanted to highlight the transforming power of sport through testimonies and stories of impact.

To do this, a one-day conference was planned in which former elite athletes shared space with people to whom sport has literally changed their lives. The Partnership aimed to show to the public the potential of this tool (sport) in its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and their commitment in using sport as an emerging way to improve children´s and young people´s lives.